Country Club Entertainment

Country Club Entertainment offers portable recreational interactive games perfect for campus activities, university programs, corporate events, company picnics, fraternal functions or private parties. Amusement park type games include; rock climbing walls, motion simulators, lazer tag, virtual reality, and more interactive games and crafts. See below for a listing of novelty attractions. 

We are proud to have supplied Quality Entertainment services to Most of the major Universities in Arkansas, Texas, Illinois,Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama... Plus, Great organizations like: Bill Clinton Presidential Library, Coca Cola, Tyson, Frito Lay, Black and Decker, Block Buster (Rock Fest), US Armed Forces, City Fest and many more...

Backyard Entertainment



New 50 x 60 Event Room

Great for Receptions, Birthdays, Inclement weather or all types of Parties.
25 foot ceilings and 2 bathrooms. Amazing price at $695.00

Conveniently located on Interstate 30 in Little Rock, AR


New Adventure Line Safer alternative to a Conventional Zip Line

Fear Factory Ropes CourseFear Factory Ropes Course

Fear Factory Ropes Course

Up to 8 people at a time can face their fears three stories up and traverse the many obstacles while being harnessed for safety.
Requires 50'x20'x36' flat level area.

Isolated $2995 or with 2nd truck at your event $2495 - Local

Click here to see video: - Fear Factory

Thanks to Beth at Country Club of Little Rock



SR2 Motion Simulator

This ride holds 12 people at a time and simulates flying, roller coasters, car racing and much more.
Can even make custom simulations. Requires 15'x20'x10 flat level area.

$1495 Local - SR2

Thanks to Tom @ Big Buck Classic



Alpine - VR Rentals
Alpine - VR Rentals

Alpine Chairlift Ride

Holds 16 people at a time. Needs a 60 foot flat circular area. Requires 220 volt and 50 amps.

$1795 Local

Click here to see video: - Alpine



Spectrum Sports Trailer Mounted Mobile Zipline

Fun for all ages 75 pounds to 250 pounds. Double redundancy on all safety features has secondary auto
belay line to gradually slow and stop the rider.  requires a 200 foot flat area.

$2495 Local

Click here to see video: top view Zipline bottom view



Power Wheel

Trailer mounted mobile Ferris Wheel Great for all ages
can hold up to 24 small Kids or 300 Lbs per Basket. Needs flat area 15x30, 20 feet tall.

$1295 Local


Thomas Potter Trackless Train

Great for all ages and all types of venues.  Use as a stand alone ride or Transportation to and from your event. 
Holds 600 Lbs per car.  Add this attraction to your event. The engine including driver is $395 with each car $200 additional. 
(each car has 2 benches & holds 6 kids)




Turbo Tub

Turbo Tubs of Fun

This carnival ride holds 24 kids or 12 adults. Requires 120volts and a foot print of 30' diameter.
Each tub spins independently under your own power while the entire ride rotates.

$1295 Local

(Thanks to Natalie @ Arkansas State University)




This carnival ride holds 11 people and raises up and spins.
Requires 220v and a foot print of 15'w x 20'd x 16'h.
This is an upgrade to the old Cyclone it goes higher and spins twice as fast.

$1295 Local


Pirates Revenge

This carnival ride holds 12 people.
Requires 220v and a foot print of 15'w x 30'd x 16'h.

$1295 Local

Thanks Jodie @ ASU for the great pictures.



4 Man Jumper

4 Man Jumper System

Now 4 people can jump at the same time
great for back flips or fancy tricks. (22ft tall 35'x35') Requires volunteers.

$1295 Local


Game Trailer

Game Trailer.  Trailer is 20 feet long and has 2 bay doors to accommodate large numbers in a small area. 
Comes with one operator and is $1,195 locally.  Get a prize package for $800 includes
200 stuffed animals and unlimited trinkets (ie. Magnifying Glass, whistle, bracelet, puzzle...)


Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality powered by Oculus Rift. Use these headsets in our secure
Virtuality 2000 pods. Rent 1 pod or 2 pods and go in the same experience.

Single Pod $695 - Local
Two Pods $1095 - Local - Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Demo



New Inflatable Games

Add these Fun Inflatable Games to your next event starting at $150 Fun For all ages.

Axe Throw

Axe Throw

Velcro Axe Throw game. Great for all ages.
Requires 10'x15'x9' area.
$250.00 - Local

Classic Games

Classic Arcade Consoles

All your classic games from Pac-Man, Galaga, Missile Command, Rampage, Centipede, Asteroids and Gantlet.  

Pick them up for $95 each.

Bulls Eye

Bulls Eye

Fun interactive game for all ages. 
Bounce the Balls off the Bulls Eye and try to get the highest score.  10 ft tall requires 10x20 foot print.

Bulls Eye


A new twist to the classic game. 
Now try your skill at knocking off the floating balls at the top.

Soccer Darts

Soccer Darts

18 Feet Tall. Comes with velcro soccer balls.

Tap Attack

Tap Attack

Test your eye hand coordination with this fast paced interactive play system.
Player with the most taps wins!

Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer / Zorb

The larger 1.8 meter adult size bubble soccer. Great fun for all ages. Just as much fun to watch as to play.
Thanks to Andy & Frank at ASU Beebe for helping us test out the units for the first time.

6 Vests for $695  or get 2 Zorb Balls - Bubble Soccer Video

Hoops U

Hoops U

An extra twist on the standard basketball game.
First one to get the ball to the other side wins!

Connect 4

Connect 4

Large size version of the classic game.


Ski Ball

Inflatable Version Of the Classic Game $150

Knock It Off

Balls Float on a cushion of Air,
Try to Knock them off with 2nd Ball $150


Strike Zone

Baseball Game with floating Ball. makes for challenging fun game $250

9 foot Basketball Game

Fun for Adults or Kids. Uses small Basketballs $150

Crunch Time Football

Crunch Time

2 Person Football Game needs 12x30' area $250

Cannon Ball Blaster

Alien Invasion

Use the Air Cannons Filled with Foam Balls to Launch at the Alien Invasion Backdrop $295

Remote Control Truck Track
Strike TrucksLosi Strike Prof. Cars

RC Pro Am Inflatable

Remote Control Race Track
Race around this track with Losi Strike Professional Remote control trucks.

$695 Local

Inflatable Twister

Inflatable Twister

Add this item to your next event for $250 16x16 includes PA ,
get a caller for $120 extra.

Inflatable Basketball

Inflatable Basketball Hoops

15x15x14tall Great fun for all $250

Hi Striker

Hi Striker

14 feet tall, Great for older Children and Adults  $250

Giant Wacky Trikes

Giant Wacky Trikes

Very Fun and Funny to watch $95 each add an inflatable track for $200

Highball Multi Sport Arena

Hi Ball 26' x 26' Multi Sport Arena

This Unit has 4 separate goals. You can play Volleyball, Dodge Ball, Soccer, Basketball,
Football or our Crazy High Ball multi sport Game.

$495 Local

Make Your Own Pottery

Make your own pottery

Comes complete with everything you need to make your own pottery. 
Has a special clay that dry's with in minutes under our heat lamps.  Hands on creativity for all ages.  


Race Track

Custom Race Track

Use our 26' x 30' track to race your friends on our Go Racers, Trikes, Potato sacks
or anything of your choice.  Indoors and outside on any flat surface. 

$200 Local

Pit Stop

Pit Stop Challenge

Two people race to change out tires.
Great add on to Driving Simulators

$295 Local



DUI Simulator

New Fully Self Contained Full Size DUI / Nascar Style Motion Simulator

The Full Size Simulator is perfect for outdoor venues.  Just Pull up, Plug it in and open the Doors.
This unit can use the DUI Software (with the new Night Scenarios) or the R-Factor Racing Software. 
It holds one Driver and One Passenger.  (Requires TWO 20 amp outlets @ 120v)


3/4 Scale DUI / Nascar Style Motion Simulator

3/4 DUI / Nascar Style Motion Simulator: Teach the dangers of driving under the influence. Scenarios range from 1 minute to 5 minutes; operators choice.
The car pictured is 60" in order to pass through double doors.

DUI Simulator

Educational Model DUI Simulator

Works just like the Full size Nascar/Style Simulator but made to fit through a single 33" Door. Includes the Surround with informative posters from MADD.

DUI Nascar Simulator

Casino Night

Your choice of roulette, craps, black jack and poker. Rent just the table and supplies
or get full service with dealers in tuxedo tops and bow ties.

Slot machines provide the perfect ambiance to any casino night!


Big Dice - Country Club Entertainment

Big Dice Derby

Simple yet fun Horse Racing game comes with sound system and
projection screen with your logo.



Bull Riding

Mechanical Bull

Realistic looks and motion for a guaranteed thrill for
the rider and on lookers alike.

Requires 16 x 16 foot area and two separate standard outlets.

$1195 Local

( Thanks to Kelly at UACCM for the picture.)

Lasso the Long Horn

Lasso The Long Horn

Great add on for the Mechanical Bull or any western theme $150.00.


Toilet Racers

Go Racers

They may look like toilets but they are really go carts. They last 4-5 hours between charges are fun for all to ride and a blast to watch.

Toilet Racers

Big Chair Photos

This Hugh inflatable Chair combined with oversized props will make you look like a little kid. Available with a picture package or take your own pictures at a reduced cost.

$150 Local

Holographic Photos!

Take your picture with our new Holographic and Green Screen Technology and we will make a trading card with two of your pictures.  When you move your card a different image will be shown with your choice of background!

3-D Miniature Golf

3-D Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf with a Twist, put on your special Glasses and the patterns on the carpet seem to magically hover in mid air making it a real challenge to even hit the ball.  Great on it own or spice it up with a black light package.

$695 Local




Cannon Ball Blaster - Country Club Entertainment
Cannon Ball Blaster - Country Club Entertainment

Cannon Ball Blaster

12 x 30  2-4 players shoot nerfs style balls at the targets or each other fun for all ages. $595.00

Oxygen Bar

Puts out 92 percent oxygen for (normal air 21) all kinds of health benefits like detoxifying (after drinking), relaxation, stress relief, increased energy. Combines with 8 different aromas (to elevate the sensation. 4 stations unlimited use usually 2-10 min per person.

2 Station - $795 Local

4 Station - $1195 Local



Tropical Slide

Tropical Slide

18 feet tall Tropical Slide can handle all weight sizes from small child to adult. 

$300 Daily Rental - Local

Slip and Slide

Rainbow Slip & Slide

10' x 45' Slip and Slide Great water fun for all ages with a safety barriers at the end.  Very pretty and great fun. Needs water Supply.

$250 Local

Wild Rapids

Wild Rapids Water Slide

Comes with 3 inflatable inner tubes to increase the fun. (help will be required to remove this Unit)

$495 Local

Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank

Always a crowd favorite. Easy Dunking action and no widow for added privacy.

$250 Local


True Projection Hunting/Shooting Simulator

Choose from 17 different games ranging from Marksmanship, to Duck Hunting, to White Tail Deer, To Quail.  Rifle and Handgun included, all operated on a projection screen and lazers.

$995 Local

Select A Bear Stuff a Bear Press A Bear
Select A Bear
Stuff A Bear
Dress Your Bear with a
Custom Screen Print

The Bear Mill

Comes complete with everything you need to make your own bear or animal. We provide multiple designs and bring  hundreds of animals to choose from.  Stuff your's with special wishing stars and keepsakes.  You can even personalize your bear with a custom screen printed T Shirt.

$10 per Bear


Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Portable photo booth is a great addition to any special event.
Customize the header for your specific event. Prints two separate strips with each session.

$995 Unlimited Pictures - Local

(Thanks to Celeste @ Texas A&M)


Wax Hands

Hands of  Wax

Dip your hand into Therapeutic wax

$995 - Local

Sand Art

Wax Roses

Make fresh roses last for weeks.

Sand Art

Sand Art

Thanks to Kendra @ UCA

Rock Climbing Wall!!

Rock Wall Solid Wall w/ auto belay system#1

$995 - Local


Lazer Encounter

28 x 28 Feet 22 Feet Tall
Lazer Tag Arena Great alternative to the
space maze.

$995 - Local


Glitter Tattoo

Choose from 100's of templates. Great for all ages. Can last over two weeks.

$595 - Local


Hang Time

Inflatable Parachute Ride

$495 - Local

Monkey Motion

Jump on air bag with support system.
Comes attached to the climbing wall. Three climber wall has
1 Monkey Motion. Four climber wall has 2 Monkey Motion.
$595.00 per jumper.



Lazer Tag

Battle Cruiser Lazer Tag

Five types of systems available. From Lazer Runner to
Q-Zar to mazes and inflatable.

$1995 - Local


Dog Tags

Dog Tags

Custom engrave your personalized Dog Tag with
custom lettering on one side and your schools abbreviation on the other.

$995 - Local


Drive-in Movie Theatre

Inflatable 15foot by 20foot Screen for indoor or out door use. Comes with Speaker System for indoor/ field operation, or RF Signal for cars speaker system.

$995 - Local


Twin Spin

G-Force Twin Spin

1-4 person ride, fun for all ages.

$695 - Local


Game Show Mania

Choose formats like jeopardy, family feud....sound effects, score boards...

$995 - Local

Dance Dance Revolution

Comes with 2 metal dance pads projection screen and sound system. 

$295 - Local



2 man ride spins upside down.

$695 - Local

Spin Art Shutter Shades

A new twist on spin art.
You custom paint and add "Bling" to your
shutter shade sunglasses.


Cash Cube

$195 - Local

Rice Necklaces

Your choice of Viles, custom writing on a real piece of rice


Candy Art

Make your own design.

$495 Includes first 250 pieces. - Local

NetWork Gaming

Link up to 16 different Computer Systems or X-Box Game Consoles together
and everyone can interact in the same game. Perfect for Halo tournaments.

Under the Knife

Under the Knife

Life size operation. Fun for kids and adults.
Test your skills on the operating table.


Low Cost Banner Games

Add these pipe and banner attractions to your event for $95.00 each.

Golf Chipper

Use Real Clubs & Velcro Balls

Bass Master

Fishing Action w/ Real Pole 


Quarterback Toss

Pipe and banner throw Nerf Football through background, great add on.

Zap Zombies

Zap the Zombies


Kick and Score Soccer

Kick and Score Soccer

Test your skills at the most popular game in the world

Lazer Toss

Lazer Toss

Use Frisbees and try to get the highest score

Road Kill Cafe

Road Kill Cafe

Throw Small Stuffed animals at strategic places on the banner

Penguin Fish Fling

Penguin Fish Fling

Stomp on the Launcher and try to get the rubber fish in the basket

Chef Challenge

Chef Challenge

This Banner game uses plastic shrimp and a spatchula to fling
them to the hungry customer.

Speed Cage

Throw the balls as fast as you can.  Your speed will show up on the large display. Fun for all ages $295  Needs 15x30 area.

We carry of full line of inflatable games like: Joust, Bungie Run, Obstacle Courses, Velcro Wall, Bouncy Boxing... $295 Local

Many novelty items are also not pictured like:
Spin Art, Speed Cages (complete with radar to test your Speed), Gaming Tables, Photography packages like Fantasy Photos or Key Chain Photos...

We have also a line of electronic items like:
Karaoke Packages, Make your own music video, DJ Systems, Fishing Simulator, Winchester Virtual Reality Shooting Simulator, Generators, Gaming Tables (Foosball, Pool, Air Hockey)


Space Maze Lazer Tag

Space Maze Lazer Tag

30’ x 45’ - 3 120v Outlets - Lights require one extra Outlet (optional) - Indoors or outside

$995 Local


Battle Cruiser Lazer Tag

40’ x 60’ flat grass surface or ground cover
on pavement. Two openings in front
4 120v Outlets (3 Required)
Lights require one extra Outlet (optional)

Lazer Tag

Space Maze Lazer Tag



Bungie Run

10’ x 40’ / One 120v Outlet

Giant Slide

15’ x 35’ / One 120v Outlet
Flat Grass or covered pavement
Must have tie down points for wind!


Virtual Reality
2000 Series Virtuality

One 120v Outlet / 7’ x 14’
Indoors - Outside w/ tents

Wax Hands

Fully self contained 10’x20’
Fits through single door, One 120v Outlet


Driving Range / Speed Cage

One 120v Outlet / Outdoor or Indoor
Outside must stake down

Hang Time – Parachute Ride

225lb Weight Limit
15’x15’ 20’ Tall
Two 120v Outlets
Unit will Lift person 15’ in Air



Metal Frame
20’ x 30’
One 120v Outlet

$295 - Local

Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course

18’Tall 40’ x 60’ / 3 120v Outlets
Outside or Inside
Must be able to stake down outside.
Built-in Rock Wall and Giant Slide.
Velcro Flags for Relay Races .

$695 - Local

Bouncy Boxy

18’ x 18’
One 120v Outlet
Flat area

$295 - Local



12' wide x 45' long x 12' tall
Straight pass obstacle course.

$495 - Local



Great crowd pleaser. We now run our over sided sumo suits inside
inflatable arena for safety.
Requires 16' x 16' area and two attendants.

$495 - Local


Carnival Games

Gateway Arch

Perfect for races, entrance to party, or to draw attention to your event.
$150.00 includes delivery & setup.

Carnival Games

Free Carnival Games

With any rental of $600 or more we are glad to supply a
box of free carnival games like:
Electronic Darts, Bean Bag Toss, Pop up Games, Milk Bottle Toss..

If what you are looking for isn't shown please call Jeff at 501-347-5798.

For Reservations or More Information
Call Our Special Event Coordinator:

Jeff Brown
(501) 407-9595
E-mail: GoVR@AOL.COM

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